Clarity Squared

Our Approach

We understand that one-size-fits-all is a myth when it comes to digital marketing, which is why we take the time to discover your needs and develop a holistic strategy for your brand’s online presence. We want you to feel confident that you have the right approach for your business.

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A collaborative approach to meet your needs and goals.

We’re deep in the world of digital marketing and are happy to share our knowledge to guide you in creating a plan that works for you. Every piece of your business has a place in the puzzle, and we’ve found that balanced efforts that focus on a cohesive strategy are the most effective way forward.



It all starts here. We begin with research, an audit of your current marketing and advertising, and an analysis of past campaigns and analytics. We’ll look at what’s been working and then identify areas for you to improve and recommend new opportunities.



With your knowledge about your business and our expertise in marketing, we’ll create a detailed step-by-step marketing plan for growth. Through in-depth conversations about your goals and future, we'll chart your course and guide your efforts along the way.



Now that we have developed an overall marketing strategy, we’ll create campaigns, creatives, and other marketing collateral you need. We’ll collaborate with your team to launch, manage, and analyze the results.



When everything is set in place according to the plan, we’ll go over all the materials, the timing, and the strategies once more. Then, we’ll proceed to launch the campaign, monitor its progress, and provide instant feedback.



As the data comes in, we analyze it to see where we can continue to hone and perfect your website, advertising, and marketing initiatives. The digital world is constantly changing – and your online presence deserves to be agile and innovative so you can remain on the top of your game.



It is our goal for all of our clients to experience growth while working with us (when the time is right). We believe that every business should be looking forward - and that’s why we offer flexible plans for when you’re ready to take the next step.

Flexible Ways of Working Together

Retained Partnership

Through our retained partnerships, we engrain ourselves in your company and mission, acting as an extension of your team. We develop a cohesive strategy, then handle the creative process, daily campaign execution, analysis, reporting, and adjustments.


Time-to-time, larger projects may arise that fall outside our monthly retained partnership, so we work in a project-based format to tackle these initiatives. Working this way also allows us to do one-time work for clients who may not need a retained partnership.

Phased Engagement

Phased engagements are great when your needs and project scope are unclear. We break out the project into smaller chunks to gain clarity on the problem(s) and what the solution will involve. This helps us align on a common goal so we can accurately scope and price.

Marketing Consulting

For businesses that either have internal marketing teams or the capacity to implement and execute on strategies themselves, we offer an advisory relationship to provide ideas and thoughts for improving your marketing, advertising, and creative content efforts.

Strategy Sessions

Have a specific problem or not sure where to start? In our strategic sessions, we work with you to assess your challenges and goals, explore potential solutions, and chart a clear course forward.

Common Questions

We’re here to answer any questions you might have about our services or what it will be like to work together. Drop us a line if there’s anything we missed that you have questions about.

What do your marketing packages look like and are they long-term agreements?+-

Every organization's needs are different, and so are our marketing packages. Based on initial conversations, our team will put together a recommendation that best fits your goals. We fully expect to work with our clients long-term, but you are not locked in.

How much should I expect to spend on advertising?+-

In short, just the right amount. We know advertising platforms will show more ads regardless of the results. That's why we take a managed approach, set up tracking, test campaigns, and prove that it is profitable. Then we scale.

Will I own the work that we do together or receive from Clarity Squared?+-

Transparency is a buzzword – but it's also how we approach working together. You will own the work that we do together and we'll even help train your team. We're in this together.

Do you offer any educational resources to learn more about marketing?+-

We're always learning and often share our thoughts on marketing and advertising, industry updates, tools, and resources. Check out our blog, The Swell.

Do you outsource your team members?+-

Our team is family and we're located 100% in the U.S.A. We'll gladly bring in additional experts when needed, such as collaborating with our sister-company at Built by Forge for deep web development expertise.