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One Day Refresh 002: Erin Faith Interior Design

Andrew Gregory
Oct 26, 2020

Summary / TL;DR

We had a blast spending a day with a local small business to refresh their brand and website. Earlier this year, we had talked with them about how they had outgrown their brand and how the shutdown had affected their business. We decided this was a great time for our next One Day Refresh where we donate a day of our time to support another organization.

We began with strategy and planning, then dove into initial concepts and organizing the website content. With everyone’s help, we succeeded in finishing the new brand identity, building out the website, and creating a list of marketing ideas to support the business in the future.

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One Day Refresh is how we support a business or organization in our community by donating a day of our time to help them improve their business.

We blocked off our team’s calendar for the entirety of Tuesday, October 13, as the day for our One Day Refresh 002.

Strategy, Planning, and Initial Concepts

We began with a shortened brand strategy process. This mostly involved us asking lots of questions. It is our crash course in understanding their business.

From there we moved to start developing concepts for the brand identity. This involves Pinterest boards, colors, sketches, and research. Our team used this as a time to do some training by going through the Branding with Bre course.

We also started some prep work for the new website in this stage. This included research and creating an initial website content architecture.

One (very) Busy Day

Armed with a load of ideas (more than a day would allow for), we hit the ground running. The business owner, Erin, joined us at our offices for the day.

We had a great day with our team focused on this project for the entire day. Our day was filled with everything from logo editing to website development. We selected color palettes, edited photos, wrote copy, and had a great time.

With everyone’s help, we succeeded in finishing the new brand identity, building out the website, and creating a list of marketing ideas.

It’s definitely a fun and challenging experience to tackle a project in one big sprint. It was great working with Erin on this project and being able to support another small business in the area!

Check out the final result at!

Andrew Gregory
Author Name
Andrew Gregory / President & Founder
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