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One Day Refresh: CitiKidz

Andrew Gregory
Oct 31, 2018

Summary / TL;DR

We were excited to partner with CitiKidz for our inaugural One Day Refresh. CitiKidz is a Christian sports camp whose mission is to teach, train, and transform urban America. We donated a new website to help them accomplish their mission!

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The project started with some preparations and planning (as all projects do), but the real excitement began as we approached the day of the project.

We would be working on-site at the CitiKidz camp in order to collaborate with their team and to really get a feel for the organization. We packed the car with our computer, monitor, and snacks. Then it was an early morning drive to the Laurel Highlands where the CitiKidz camp is located.

Our day started with a filling “camp breakfast” with the CitiKidz team. We then got a tour of the grounds and met more of the team. Then it was time to dive into our work for the day.

Computers, coding, photo editing, writing... a few hours later we had an initial draft of the website up and running and we were ready to start adding content. Lucky for us, one of the CitiKidz team members is a professional photographer/videographer which gave us a ton to work with! There was lots of back and forth communication with the team as we built out the pages of the website.

By the end of the day we had a good working draft of the website ready. Not surprisingly, we had come to the conclusion that there was more that should be incorporated into the website in order to tell the full story of CitiKidz and what the camp is about, so we made plans to continue working on the project over the coming weeks. This gave their team time to get some hands-on experience working with the website and us time to finish many of the details.

It was a great day, and though we did not finish the website in one day, in the end we were able to get a significant amount of the website built... and of course really enjoyed being able to experience some of the incredible things that happen at CitiKidz each day.

Over the following weeks we worked with their team to expand upon the initial website draft and ultimately launch the new website! We had an awesome experience working with CitiKidz on this project and feel honored to be able to participate in their organization in this small way.

To learn more about CitiKidz and to see the website we were able to help them create, visit

Feel the excitement!

We'll leave you with this recap video that will give you a glimpse of what the kids experience while attending camp!

“We have certainly loved the new Citikidz website.”

Aaron Good – Director of Operations, CitiKidz
Andrew Gregory
Author Name
Andrew Gregory / President & Founder
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