What is the Difference Between Facebook Ads and Google AdWords?

So we’ve all heard of Google and Facebook. We may even be aware that they are two of the largest paid advertising platforms available. But what really is the difference between these two advertising platforms?

We could write a book on this (someone probably has). However, we’ve learned that the average attention span online is less than 8 seconds, so here’s a summary for you.

Facebook Ads. vs. Google AdWords

Facebook Ads

Those using Facebook are looking to unwind and be distracted. This may not sound good for advertising, but it actually can be beneficial. The visitor is willing to be distracted - assuming the advertising is engaging. Because of this, Facebook Ads are a great way to reach those who are not yet aware of what your business offers.

Google AdWords

Google, is where to find people on a mission to find something specific. Google is exceptional at connecting people with what they are looking for (which is why Google has such a huge market share). Ads on Google are no different. The best ads connect those searching with the answer to their question.


Both are great options depending on the needs of an organization. Best of all, both Google AdWords and Facebook Ads are as available to small businesses as they are to Fortune 500 companies.

Time to get started!

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