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Dog Guard of Greater Pittsburgh

Dog Guard of Greater Pittsburgh needed online marketing to establish their business and grow their customer base. We created an effective digital marketing campaign to help them become one of the top Dog Guard dealers in the country.

Dog Guard of Greater Pittsburgh Owner

Paid Search Advertising | Digital Marketing Campaign


Company Background

Dog Guard of Greater Pittsburgh is an exclusive dealer of Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing. These premium underground electric dog fences are designed and assembled in the U.S.A. Gary Agate purchased the western Pennsylvania territory in 2016 with the goal of expanding it into a full-time family owned business.

The Opportunity

In April of 2017 Dog Guard realized it was time to establish a strong online presence in order to gain more customers in the areas they served. Dog Guard contacted us to build a website and develop an online marketing plan. After the successful launch of their website in June 2017, we focused on creating, structuring, and executing an effective strategy to efficiently and cost-effectively gain more customers.


Low Online Awareness

The first challenge we encountered was very low awareness of Dog Guard online. Because they competed with much larger competitors, it was important to strategically place Dog Guard's brand to make them stand out from more well-known companies that offer the same services and products.

No Digital Analytics

Because Dog Guard had not used digital marketing, this meant there was no historical marketing data on which to base a strategy. In addition to this, a tracking and analytics system needed to be put into place to measure the success of our online strategy. This would allow us to continually improve and strategically expand upon it.

Key Actions
and Metrics

Item #1

Optimized Website and Tracking

Because we built the website for this client, we were able to ensure the platform was compatible with our chosen method of marketing and analytics. After deciding to focus our marketing efforts on pay-per-click search advertising, we made improvements to the website to better funnel potential customers to a lead form. This allowed us to track multiple different conversions and decision points of the customer journey, such as clicks on ads, where customers were coming from, and the number of resulting leads.

Item #2

Continual Ad Improvement with Analytics

We started with a very small budget for paid ads through Google Ads (AdWords) and Microsoft Ads. We later introduced Facebook Ads as well. As lead numbers increased, we used this information to inform budget increases across all of these advertising platforms. To strengthen our strategy and better target potential customers, we collected all the data we captured from Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and the website to analyze it further. We were able to adjust our advertising strategies and allocate more budget to the most effective platforms.

Outcomes and Major Highlights

Steadily High Conversion Rates

Across Google, Microsoft, and Facebook we were successful in achieving high conversion rates – the number of visitors submitting a lead form after clicking on an ad. The average conversion rate from Google and Microsoft for March-October 2018 and March-October 2019 was 10.2%, taken from the graph below.

High Engagement and Increased Traffic

Because of our pay-per-click advertising strategy, visits to the Dog Guard website increased consistently each year. Between the busiest months of March-October of 2017, 2018, and 2019, website visits increased an average of 283%. High levels of engagement from customers and the addition of new testimonials and content on the website influenced organic growth as well, leading to greater search relevancy and higher ranking.

Low Cost Leads

An average of 20 leads per month from June 2018 - June 2019 were captured through Google Ads alone, resulting in an average cost per conversion of $18.35. The graph below shows that the total cost per conversion across Google Ads and Microsoft Ads for a one year timeframe hovered around $20.

Exceeding Goals

By working together to create a digital strategy that was tailored for their brand, Dog Guard of Greater Pittsburgh has been able to double their business over the last three years. We built an optimized website and manage growing paid advertising campaigns to reach more potential customers and attract high quality leads.

“I realized that the internet was where my leads were going to come from so I needed a good website. Interviewed several companies and decided to go with Clarity Squared. BEST DECISION EVER!! I started getting a couple of leads here and there and then the Google Adwords kicked in and was receiving up to 5 leads per day. Andrew has gone above and beyond in his attentiveness to my website. My first year I ended at number 10 in the company in the rankings. The next year (2018) I ended at number 7 in the company. Life is Good!”

– Gary Agate, Dog Guard of Greater Pittsburgh