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After experiencing a sizable drop in traffic following a website redesign, Justifacts needed a hand in getting their website back on track and capturing more targeted leads.

Justifacts Website

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Company Background

With over 35 years of experience, Justifacts is a midsize provider of background checks and verification services to businesses throughout the United States. They have been able to compete with larger competitors and grow their business by providing fast, personal, and customizable services.

The Opportunity

Justifacts was looking for help in analyzing the reason for a sudden drop in traffic to their newly revamped site. We came alongside their team to provide an audit of the site to uncover the cause of this. In addition to solving the immediate issue that caused traffic to decrease, we also developed efficient, cost-effective strategies to help them capture more leads through their web and online marketing efforts.


Low Awareness of Services

With minimal digital marketing and advertising efforts in place, Justifacts’ brand awareness was low compared to their larger, more well-known competitors. In order to capture leads, we first needed to increase their brand awareness.

Broad Target Market

Serving over 10 industries throughout the United States, of all different sizes and with all different needs, Justifacts had a very broad market to serve. In order to capture leads effectively we needed to find a way to differentiate Justifacts online from their larger national competitors.

Minimal Historic Data

Justifacts had minimal historical data from online marketing campaigns and no automated lead tracking system in place. Without past data or experience, there was no clear starting point for finding solutions to these challenges.

Key Actions
and Metrics

Item #1

Website Audit

The main purpose of the website audit was to identify issues and opportunities for improvement. Justifacts had concerns about changes in the website traffic after they launched a new website. We found a number of issues and opportunities for improvement. This included technical SEO fixes, creating clearer call-to-actions, performance improvements, and redirect issues.

We also identified opportunities to increase their reach for key search terms through adjusting and expanding their paid search advertising campaigns.

Item #2

Google Ads & Microsoft Ads Campaigns

Beginning with a broad advertising approach, we built and launched Google Ads and Microsoft Ads campaigns to capture leads. Bidding on keywords and phrases for their services, we measured the ads effectiveness through click-through rate (CTR) and intake form submissions.

Item #3

Ongoing Website Optimization

Based on the findings in the website audit, we optimized the speed and performance of the website and fixed usability problems, reorganizing some of the website content to make navigation easier and more clear for visitors.

Item #4

Tracking & Analytics

We set up website tracking using Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics as well as other tools. This was important for measuring the overall effectiveness of our changes to the website, the targeted paid ad campaigns, and ongoing website optimization.

Outcomes and Major Highlights

Continuous CTR Growth in General Campaigns

The broad advertising approach reached relevant audiences and increased the overall awareness of Justifacts’ services. Across all the campaigns run from January to December of 2019, the click-through rate grew steadily from an average of 5.7% to 12.1%, greatly increasing their brand awareness to relevant searchers.

High CTR in Niche Market Campaigns

We then identified and began a highly targeted ad campaign in niche markets that Justifacts serves. These campaigns received a very positive and consistent response from users searching for these specific services. Because of the niche targeting, Justifacts was able to maintain a click-through rate of over 27% for these select campaigns.

Increased Brand Awareness

Because of our unique targeting strategy, the ads were not only reaching relevant audiences and increasing the awareness of Justifacts brand, they were also lifting their website traffic. When we first began working with Justifacts in November 2018, less than 1% of traffic to their website was from advertising. Since then, ad traffic has grown to 12%, increasing their brand awareness.

Our Approach

From our first steps of performing a website audit, running targeted ads, and improving SEO, all the way to implementing a lead tracking system and analyzing the results, our goal was to provide peace of mind that their online presence was continually improving.

“First and foremost, Clarity Squared does really good work. We're really happy with the results that we get. But in addition to that, they are my favorite partners! They look out for our best interests and are very capable in what they do. They have helped us across the board with our marketing. Since working with Clarity Squared, we’ve seen a 10 fold increase in our web leads coming in.”

– Michelle Yoder, Justifacts