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Shoreline Fruit

We have partnered with Shoreline on their digital marketing efforts over the past four years. While supporting Shoreline’s larger commercial objectives, our primary focus has been to drive consumers to the eCommerce website where they can learn about the brands and purchase products online.


Marketing Strategy | Digital Marketing | Email Marketing


Company Background

Shoreline Fruit is a grower-owned processor and marketer of a broad selection of the finest cherry products, dried fruits, and wellness supplements. They market these products under the brands of Shoreline Fruit, Cherry Bay Orchards, Cherry Bay Wellness, and CherryPURE – servicing retailers, distributors, rebaggers, and ingredient customers as well as individuals directly through their website.

The Opportunity

Shoreline successfully launched a retail brand in 2009 and had seen initial success selling through their eCommerce website. With this traction and momentum, they were ready to make a major push to grow their online sales while also supporting growth in their retail distribution and commercial business. They needed an online marketing strategy and additional expertise to help their marketing team support this growth.


Lack of Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy

Shoreline’s eCommerce sales had been growing organically alongside their retail distribution business. While their organic growth was good, they had a goal of significantly growing their website sales over the next few years and they needed to develop a comprehensive strategy that included the website, email marketing, paid advertising, and social media.

Limited Capacity on the Internal Marketing Team

Shoreline has a small internal marketing team whose responsibilities include supporting the sales team, customer service, and new product development — along with directing the company's marketing efforts. They needed a way to extend this team and increase their capacity for projects while also adding to their technical capabilities.

Need to Transition to New Advertising Agency

Shoreline had been working with another vendor to manage their Google Ads (AdWords) paid advertising. However, there was a mutual agreement that this relationship was not a good fit and Shoreline needed to find a new trustworthy partner to take over the advertising management.

Key Actions
and Metrics

Item #1

Marketing Review and Planning

We began with a review of Shoreline’s marketing assets and analysis of their website and advertising. Then, we worked together to define a strategy and build a plan for the coming months. As these plans were implemented, we began monthly strategy meetings with Shoreline’s team to review the performance of the marketing efforts and to continue developing new plans for the future. We continue to assist in reviewing and planning their marketing efforts, in addition to consulting the team on their annual budgeting plans to make sure the marketing fits within the overall business goals.

Item #2

Reconfigure and Expand Paid Advertising

We coordinated a smooth transition as we took over the management of the Google Ads advertising account. We rebuilt the advertising campaigns over the first few months while conducting keyword research, competitor research, and looking at past performance. We set up a Google Merchant account with the products available on the website in order to build Google Ads Shopping Ads campaigns and also launched a Microsoft Ads campaign to extend the reach.

Item #3

Ad Targeting and Tracking

To ensure that the ad budget is being spent efficiently, we run ads that are closely targeted towards people searching for these products and the related health benefits. We have set up conversion tracking so that we can see which campaigns, ads, and keywords are performing the best. We continue to test new strategies and make adjustments to improve the results over time.

Item #4

Website and Marketing Integration

After a few years of working with Shoreline on their marketing efforts, it became apparent that a substantial website redesign was necessary. This was due to changes in user behavior, mobile device usage, and the addition of new product lines. Through the Shoreline Fruit website redesign project we were able to integrate and automate aspects of the updated marketing strategy such as pulling the product and pricing directly into the advertising platform.

Item #5

Develop and Execute Email Marketing Strategy

Shoreline had built a quality email list over the last 7 years. We saw this as a huge asset and worked with them to develop an email marketing strategy to build engagement and ultimately increase sales. We segmented the list in order to send the most relevant content to each subscriber, such as loyal customer promotions and product surveys. We also designed new responsive email templates, built an automated welcome series, and now manage ongoing promotional emails and newsletters.

Outcomes and Major Highlights

Internet Sales Growth

As a result of the increased focus on growing internet sales and the implementation of the new marketing strategies, Shoreline has seen year-over-year growth in their website sales for each of the last four years.

Paid Advertising Campaign

Since 2016, we have managed the paid advertising campaigns on the Google Ads and Microsoft Ads platforms. With the additional conversion tracking in place we have increased the outcome of these campaigns each year, resulting in orders from paid advertising increasing by 225%.

Email Marketing

The new focus on email marketing and the strategies implemented resulted in the list growing 200% over the first 2.5 years, while the engagement rate and sales coming directly from email marketing also improved.


Our partnership with Shoreline since 2016 has enabled them to expand the capacity of their marketing team and achieve significant growth in their internet sales. Together, we have supported their overall business goals and positioned Shoreline for future growth in their internet sales as well as in their commercial and retail business.

“It is my pleasure to recommend the Marketing Support Services of Clarity Squared to any company that is looking to establish or grow their ecommerce business. I have worked with Clarity’s Founder, Andrew Gregory, for nearly ten years in various business capacities. I have always found him to be a person of exceptional personal and professional integrity.”

– Tom Berg, Shoreline Fruit