Join Our Team

We are a small team committed to building a place where we enjoy each day of working together and helping our clients succeed.

We are based in Murrysville, PA (East of Pittsburgh). Flexible working environments are great. However, we also believe communication flows better with those who are nearby.

Most importantly, Clarity Squared is built on these core beliefs:

God First | The Team as Family | Honesty in Everything | Long-Term Focus | Relentless Improvement | Focused Hard Work | Teaching Mindset


How to Apply

If you're as excited about the possibilities as we are, then please let us know!

  1. Draft an email to [email protected].
  2. Attach your cover letter (Feel free to be personal. Tell us what really makes you interested in joining us!).
  3. Attach your resume and/or links to your portfolio.

We will be in touch within a week!