Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign

Anonymous Client | Pittsburgh, PA

Decreased Cost Per Click (CPC) on client’s Google AdWords advertising campaign by 46% in first two months.

  • Decreased the average cost per click by 46%
  • Expanded reach using Bing Ads
  • Created campaigns focused on individual services


When this business initially approached us, they managed a Google AdWords campaign with their internal team. We reviewed the account and came to an agreement for Clarity Squared to take over management of the campaign. The goal was to drive more visitors to the website while decreasing the cost of each visitor.

We analyzed the past results and put together a plan to improve the campaign going forward. Adjustments were made to the keywords, the bid amounts, and the best performing ads were ported to Bing Ads.

Over the first two months managing this campaign we were able to decrease the average cost per click by 46%! The months following saw a continued decrease in the cost per click and improved quality of the visitors.

The savings on the lower cost per click more then covered the cost of having Clarity Squared manage their Google AdWords account - not to mention the time saved and improvements in the quality of the campaign.